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Going where the kids are: land based learning

When I was told I could only pack 25 pounds on the five-seater airplane, I had no idea how I would pack my clothes, camping gear, and video equipment for the two week trip to northern British Columbia.

With one camera, one lens and a whole lot of batteries, I spent two weeks teaching science and filming this documentary. It was a privilege to hear the stories of elders, community members, teachers and kids. Thank you for inviting us onto your land and sharing your stories with us.





Featured Work


Vaping Is Cool, Smoking Is Not: Could Rise Of Teen E-Cig Use Have An Upside?

The Ubyssey

Behind the scenes of the Tall Wood Building

WBUR’s CommonHealth

Testing A Genetic ‘Ad-Blocker’ To Treat A Rare Neurological Disease


Spotlight: Wired that Way

Casper Star Tribune

As science mixes with politics, how do we know what to trust?

Geering Up

Welcome to Geering Up Okanagan

Public Speaking

UBC Science Saving Science In Fact-Free Times

In a panel discussion hosted by Dr. Jennifer Gardy — a UBC professor, BCCDC Senior Scientist, Canada Research Chair and CBC host — and featuring Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Klein, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre programs coordinator Michael Unger, and Ph.D. candidate Julia Amerongen Maddison, I discussed my work with Geering Up and chatted science communication. Watch my presentation, and the entire roundtable discussion, from the UBC Faculty of Science Alumni event to hear how I think outreach and effective communication can save science in our fact free world.


WBUR’s CommonHealth

Big Bucks For Boston-Based Incubator To Speed Fight Against Superbugs

The Ubyssey

Math could make your toilet paper softer and stronger

WBUR’s CommonHealth

New Alzheimer’s Research Sheds Light On ‘Garbage Collecting’ Proteins

The Ubyssey

What does science have to say about abortions?

The Ubyssey

Professor wins award for equation that is beyond its time

The Ubyssey

Science with Santa: a conversation with UBC’s new president on science, learning and Star Trek

Award-winning Journalism

Ada’s Atlantic adventure:
The little robot that could (and almost did)

Follow Ada, the autonomous sailing robot, as she attempts to be the first sailbot to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

My story of how a UBC engineering team’s pride and joy ended up lost in the Atlantic, but united a community across the world won the Canadian Community Newspaper best campus feature story award and was shortlisted for the Canadian University Press’ feature writing award.

Featured Videos

eng•cite and Science Literacy Week

Spotlight: You’re Invited

Why The Ubyssey is disendorsing every presidential candidate

We weren't going to do

Posted by The Ubyssey on Monday, March 6, 2017


Why The Ubyssey is Disendorsing Every Presidential Candidate

Voirelia: A Dance, Psychology, and Philosophy Hub

Behind the Universe of the Brain

The Ubyssey

Month in Review: Echo Chamber

Engineering Stories Vlog

Geering Up

Girls Only Make-a-thon: Tech for Change 2017

Stories I’ve Edited

by Emma Loy

Your sushi habit is hurting the planet and communities around the world

by Moira Wyton

Tip of the iceberg

by Nivretta Thatra

Ubyssey Science’s guide to fighting for science locally

by Arianna Leah Fischer

UBC accepts $1.5 million grant in scientific research and infrastructure

by Nivretta Thatra

Which doctor: Making the right choice in a crowded healthcare industry

By Nivretta Thatra

On the origin of scientists series

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