Hi, I’m Koby

 Science Communicator and Educator.


Motion. Words. Stills.

Telling complex stories understandably.


I tell engaging and accessible stories about science. At their heart, even the biggest, most complicated stories are about people — and those are the stories I tell best.

My storytelling journey started when I founded The Ubyssey’s science section, and I’ve been searching for my next, more complex stories ever since.

Looking for an filmmaker, communicator, or curriculum developer for your science?

Testimonials & Featured Publications

The quality I respect the most in Koby is his work ethic. He truly goes above and beyond in completing a task. Once Koby has aligned his values with the values of a project he pours himself into the work, ensuring it is done fully and completely. His work is selfless and we are grateful to have had him on our team.

Jakob Manning, Geering Up UBC Program Manager

Koby has consistently exceeded expectations in his performance and work ethic as both an employee and coworker. His passion and talent for science media were the building blocks of his rapid rise to the found of the paper’s first-ever Science section. Breaking down difficult subjects into easily understandable and digestible pieces using print, video and social media comes easily to him.

Jack Hauen, The Ubyssey Coordinating Editor

Koby has been a key player in developing our curriculum – particularly the module on Telling Your Science as a Story – and always brings original, creative, and thoughtful ideas to our meetings. He is professional, articulate, and is tremendously capable.

Dr. Jennifer Gardy, UBC Assistant Professor, SciCATS Founder, Nature of Things Host

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