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Student, journalist, nerd, science communicator, writer, photographer, videographer, editor, outdoorsman, adventurer, chocolate lover.

Hi, I’m Koby

I promised myself once I graduated high school I would never write again. Then I wrote a story for The Ubyssey, UBC’s student newspaper. That turned into a second and a third story and then two years as an editor.

I was hired as the sports editor but I felt the paper was missing something — so I started Ubyssey Science. In my two years as editor, the section went from an idea to publishing 30 stories a month, receiving over 20,000 monthly views, and now has a team of a dozen regular contributors I found and trained.

After two months backpacking and photographing Europe, I spent a summer at WBUR and was published by NPR. The next summer I picked up a camera and travelled around British Columbia, producing short documentaries for Geering Up UBC. I’ve also spent the last two years teaching scientists to be better communicators with SciCATs.

Oh, and I did all that while studying full time for my bachelor’s of science in integrated science.

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“Koby always brings original, creative, and thoughtful ideas. He is professional, articulate, and is tremendously capable.”
– Dr. Jennifer Gardy

What I do

I strive to tell engaging and accessible stories about science, health, and technology to make the future everyone’s. A self-starter and go-getter, my storytelling journey started when I founded The Ubyssey’s science section and I’ve been chasing bigger and more complex stories ever since.

Though my background is in interdisciplinary science, I got my start as a storyteller, as a travel and sports writer. Since then, I’ve covered stories from every corner of science, technology, and healthcare. Science stories should be relatable and teach people about all the complicated ways science shapes our word. That means the best science stories are human ones and those are the stories I try to tell.

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