Most of traveling is like normal life. You wake up, eat breakfast, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth. Generally your day is like a normal day. It’s only little moments that make the experience of travelling so exceptional.

The moment could be food or a drink, the view from the top of a hike, paragliding above Interlaken, or taking a picture that captures a place or a feeling perfectly. The moment itself is great — it’s the reason this trip is so much fun — but they pass just as quickly as they come. After the moment, I feel like the trip can only go downhill from here. Then another moment comes along and the whole process starts over again.

Today was full of moments. Sharing a freshly squeezed orange/lemon juice — from orange and lemon trees from just outside the bar — at the tallest point of the Cinque Terre hike. Swimming at the marina in Riomaggiore after a full (and sweaty day) of hiking. Dinner with Hannah and Rosemary 10 metres up the hill from the marina. The first bite of my steak and the first spoonful of tiramisu after dinner. Going back to the marina and taking a picture of a couple embracing in the light of Riomaggoire at night.

Mostly travelling is menial — basically it’s just a normal day. A few times a month or a week or — if you’re really lucky — a few times a day, you come across incredible, and fleeting, moments that are the reason to travel and experience the world.



Cinque Terre at Night