The Leaning Tower of Pisa is really-freaking lean-y. It’s not a slight lean or a gentle angle, it’s all the way over.

I got off my train in Pisa in the early afternoon and took the evening to wander around, read a few pages from my book in the shadow of the tower, and people watch (it’s really fun, everyone should do it more). I tried for 30 minutes to get the perfect angle on a cuddling couple with the tower in the background without being super creepy or getting their faces in the photo. I finally had lined up the shot perfectly when he abruptly sat up to smoke a cigarette. 

The road leading up the the tour is congested with tourists all trying to get the exact same “look at me hold the tower up” photo. There was a line of 20 or 30 tourists from around the world with their arms outstretched, shuffling backwards and forwards until they were in the perfect position for the photo.

I wandered around some more, slowly making my way back to the hostel to watch a soccer game with the rest of the hostel and catch up on some sleep.