I’ve never met another Koby (outside of Israel) but today I met an Australian woman who had a dog named Koby (spelled like me) and one named Kiera (my sister is Kyra). I know it’s just a coincidence but it’s too weird not to think something of.

I spend the day hiking Harder Kulm, a short hike that leads to a restaurant and viewing platform above Interlaken. Switzerland is exactly as I pictured it. We hiked through switchbacks in a forest, through alpine meadows complete with water troughs and a cottage, and were treated to a panoramic view.

After the hike, I met my first couchsurfing host. I’ve never used the website before and wasn’t sure what to expect. My host, Aline, met me at the train station before leading me to her apartment. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable sleeping on a strangers house was with when they are kind and welcoming.

After a much needed shower I headed out to find dinner, only to bump into my Australian friend from earlier. We found a fondue restaurant and enjoyed the sizzling cheese, sitting in the setting Swiss sun.

Hiking Harder Kulm and Eating Fondue