Every time I travel, I’ve found that people are exceptionally kind and welcoming. I left a stranger’s house in Interlaken to stay at another’s in Geneva.

In Geneva, I stayed with a friend from UBC’s parents. Though she wasn’t in Geneva this summer, Louise and her parents offered to host me in their house just outside of Geneva. I met David, Louise’s father, at his office at l’OMS (the WHO — World Health Organization, in English). Being the nerd I am, seeing the WHO was a highlight of my time in Geneva. The buildings are pretty unassuming but their work is far from it. I peaked into their main meeting room — a huge room with successive circles of seats with a giant UN flag hanging from the ceiling — and I peaked through a crack in the door to their “war” room, where the WHO monitors outbreaks. Likely they were working on Zika when I peaked in.

Hopefully it won’t be my last at the WHO.

We didn’t spend much time at the WHO as it was late. We headed to the Medding’s house where I met Antoinette and we headed out to dinner. Tonight was the first time I had a room to myself since I arrived in Europe and I enjoyed it with a great night of sleep (thanks to the cold medicine from the Meddings).

Thanks strangers, for the bed, food and hospitality.