Paris feels more like a piece of art than it does a city. All of the buildings are old and beautiful, the streets are picturesque, the people are all well dressed and beautiful. But it does smell funny. The city is still obviously home to everyone who lives here. Cafes and bars are everywhere, filled Parisien and tourists alike. Nobody ever seems like the are in a rush.

As soon as I stepped off the bus from the airport to the city I was approached by a group of women trying to collect money for “charity.” Their English was very good except they didnt seem to understand the word no.

I wandered the city for a few hours, every so often turning a corner to see some new extraordinary landmark or site to see.


It’s much wider than I imaged. The height is about what you expect but the area below the base of the tower is huge! The park leading up to the tower is surrounded by trees cut into perfect squares and dotted with couples and families lying out in the sun, eating picknicks and drinking wine.

The tower is right on the Seine and across the river are these two huge museums with a plaza between them. Vendors wonder around, trying to sell Eiffel tower key chains and towers for a euro each.

Eiffel Tower

Wandering the streets.

Notre Dame and Saint Sulpice


Some quick notes unrelated to Paris…

• Sorry the blog looks so bad, I’m slowly building it but I want to get content out before I spend too much time making it look pretty.

• I will try to post something everyday. Usually it will just be photos and some words. Every time I leave a city I plan on making a vlog of the city. We’ll see how that goes.

• Thanks for reading, if anyone is.

• Day one is the day I left Vancouver. That means day two is my first day in Paris.