The point of my trip was never to see as many things as I could or to be doing something 24-7. I wanted to slow down after 2 years of working and going to university, so when Jeff and Shana, a Kiwi/Aussie couple who are staying in the same dorm room as me in the hostel, invited me along to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, I was happy to tag along.

We headed to the Catacombes first on the metro but the line was way too long so we turned around, heading back down to the metro and got off down the hill from Buttes Chaumont. We found a little grocery store (that we only realized was a health food store after we had collected our lunch). Not half-assing our picnic, we went 100 per cent cliché and bought a baguette and some cheese. Hummus and apples were added for good measure and Jeff and Shana headed off to find cold beers while I hunted down an elusive bathroom (they are often hard to find in the city). Side note: the health food store had a large selection of alcohol, (only in France) but it wasn’t cold.

Picnic in Buttes-Chaumont

After another interesting bathroom adventure, this time at a public washroom in the park, and a hilarious ensuing conversation about the (mis)adventure, our trio set off to find a science park.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

It was getting late and we had Catacombe tickets burning a whole in our pocket so we jumped back on the metro (which is great, take notes Vancouver). The line was still long but Shana and I convinced Jeff to stick it out. The tunnels were down almost 200 stairs and were cool and dusty.

The bones looked like statues or stones and seemed very far removed from anything living, making the whole experience much less erie than expected.


You are dumbed into the gift shop after climbing the stairs out of the Catacombes. It’s exactly what you expect, except for three books. The Little Books of Butts, Pussy, and Big Breasts, which are displayed prominently at the back of the shop, are exactly what you’d expect. None of us could figure out the connection between the books and the Catacombes. Where is Robert Langdon when you need him.