The longer I spend travelling, the more I realize how normal it really is. Every second isn’t incredible or exciting or educational. Mostly you’re walking around, finding food, seeing people and buildings, or sitting on trains. It’s not boring but it really isn’t that different from my days in Vancouver or Marblehead.  

Travelling does give you the freedom to find the adventure in every situation though — something I rarely do when I’m not travelling. In our third town in Cinque Terre of the day, the storm that had been sitting threateningly in the clouds above our heads struck. Waves crashed over the walk way and the wind blew away tourists’ umbrellas. Then the rain started coming down in sheets and, all of a sudden, turned into fingernail-sized hail. I ran for shelter under a restaurant’s patio. 

Even though I was wet and cold (I managed to forget my sweater in Nice), I had a huge smile on my face. When I’m at school or working and get caught in the rain, I run for cover and then go back to doing whatever I was doing before. I ignore the storm outside the window. I rarely take the time to experience it. Standing out in the storm was the first time in what must be year, that I really appreciated and experience a storm. Sounds lame, watching rain, wind, hail, and waves but there is so much to take in, experience, and enjoy that it was my favourite part of my day.