Today i took the train from Paris to Interlaken, Switzerland.

I don’t really like flying (I mean who does) but taking the train is completely different. I got to the station 20 minutes before my train left and walked straight onto the platform. There were no security lines, no one made me take of my shoes, and no customs to pass through.

My seat on the train had more than enough leg room for me (which never happens on planes), I had a big space to work, and a view of the French and Swiss country side. I could get up whenever I want to and their was a whole cart for food and drinks.

Six hours later, we pulled into Interlaken’s station and I didn’t feel gross, tired, or jet-lagged. Train’s are my new favourite way to travel. Ferries are nice too but I have yet to take any in Europe.


I had a few hours to kill in Interlaken after my train in so I wondered around the town (the whole town — it is tiny) and took some photos. Enjoy the photos since they are much better than the words. I’m often at a lost for things to write, what do you want to read about? Or should I shut up and just post photos and video?